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JAM (2005) Enterprises offers professional and certified affordable short- (2-7 days) (10-30 days) and long-term (91-365 days) radon gas detection, measurement and analysis services as well as supplying the Accustar AT-100 long-term radon kit for the DIY market. These kits are rated NUMBER ONE in North America by Consumer Reports and are the most popular Long-Term test kits used by both professional and consumers in North America. Click on the Accustar AT-100 (below) for more information and to order or give me a call, or email. If you order through the web site please send me an email that you ordered so I can confirm your order.  HST is extra. The cost includes lab analysis, detailed instructions, report; shipping to the lab in Massachusetts is NOT included. Canada Post charges approximately $12-15 CDN. (As with most products, shipping to you is extra if needed and at cost (approximately $15.00 - $17.00 CDN) (The higher shipping is because Canada Post charges extra for small town - one post office delivery. ) All shipping is cost at my Venture One discounted rate and includes Canada Post base rate + fuel surcharge + HST.) Canada Post shipping rates have significantly increased lately. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR ADDRESS for shipping purposes.  For rural customers interested in well water analysis, please click on the Accustar WT-100 test kit for more information. For ST (10-30 days) testing we offer the Landauer Rapidos Alpha Track kit for sale. Please click on the image for more information.

Please note: Canada Post shipping has increased to $17.00-$20.00 within Ontario for 2023!

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