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C-NRPP-Certified Radon Gas Testing - Your Family's Health is Key

C-NRPP*-Certified Radon Measurement Services

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           * C-NRPP = Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program

Our Mission 

At JAM (2005) Enterprises, I am focused on providing :

  • C-NRPP-certified radon gas measurement service with the highest levels of customer satisfaction within an affordable framework and timely      fashion.
  • education of  the public on the nature and hazards of radon gas.   An educated public is an enlightened public !
  • supplying quality Long Term (LT) Radon Test Kits to the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) market
  • testing well water radon concentrations and supplying DIY Radon Water Test kits                     (Accustar) This is primarily for rural customers who already have a high air radon level.

Short Term Testing 2-7 days
  •  Radstar 300i Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM) with hourly report and graph: report is
       immediately given after test 
  • using Radelec E-PERM detectors 
  • $200  in-city, $250-$300 out-of city
Short-Term Testing 10-30 days
  • Landauer Rapidos 2 Alpha Track Detector
  • Rad Elec EPERM detector
  • $200 in-city, $250 out-of-city
Real Estate Transactions (4-7 days)*
  • concurrent twin Radstar 300i CRM's; report immediately given after test 
  • duplicate, concurrent Rad Eelec EPERM detectors
  • $200 in-city, $250 out-of-city       (* C-NRPP and CARST Guideline)
Long-Term Testing (91-365 days)
  • recommended buy Health Canada and Public Health Departments
  • in city $200., out of city $250-$300
  • Landauer RapidTrak2  Alpha Track Detector
  • all alpha track detectors are analyzed in Illinois USA and therefore take about 3 weeks for                 results  after detector retrieval
  •  testing fees include detector setup, retrieval, shipping to the lab, analysis, and explanation of            test results. Results are emailed to client within three weeks after detector pickup.
  • all fees are subject to HST (13%)
  • LT tests can also be performed with a Rad Elec EPERM as well; results are available after testing 
  • Fees are affordable in comparison to others offering similar services in the London area. Public buildings including schools, childcare centres, nursing homes, etc. are much more complex requiring placement of numerous detectors which increase the costs. Please contact me for more information about testing these.  For rural customers we now offer WELL WATER RADON TESTING at a cost of $250 + HST. This uses the Accustar liquid scintillation kit which is analyzed in Massachusettes and includes water sampling by me, overnight FedEx dispatch of the sample, customs declaration, and report shortly after sample analysis. A report will be emailed to you. 

We keep our fees at a  reasonable level so that more people can take advantage of having a professional test at an affordable price. 
                                                    GST/HST BN      807744438 RT0001