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Radon and London

In 2012, (and again in 2014) Health Canada did a national survey of radon in homes. The results were 7% of homes had above the national "limit" of 200 Bq/m3. In London-Middlesex, only 1.8% of homes tested above the limit so it gave the impression that London and surrounding areas do not have a radon problem although Southwest Ontario is flagged as a high risk area for radon gas. St.Thomas and Elgin County were close to 8%.


However, in that survey, ONLY 109 HOUSES WERE TESTED in London and Middlesex county ! Not a lot of homes (out of 195, 679 residential houses according to 2011 statistics) in a large area (over 3,300 km2) on which to base your survey data !! That's testing 1 out of every 1800 houses!!! Don't be fooled into complacency - your home could easily be over the limit, as mine was, but no one surveyed me !! GET TESTED TODAY. I have found in my testing in London-Middlesex, that the actual percentage of homes that are above Health Canada's limit is closer to 20%, not 2% (2015-2021) as Health Canada suggests !  In recent testing (2017-2019), I have found four houses on one short crescent that were over 200 Bq/m3 (Health Canada's limit) !! One concerned citizen phoned me recently about mitigation because all homes (six) on her small cul-de-sac were over Health Canada's limits !!

                                                                      What does this mean for me? 


                                    You will never know if you and your family are at risk unless you test!!

Book a C-NRPP-Certified long-term test (91-365 days) today or a perform a DIY LT test to ensure that the test carries over into the fall and winter months where "closed house" conditions are more prevalent. It is easy and affordable.  Doing nothing, thinking that you don't have a problem, maintaining that London and surrounding areas are in a "low radon" area, ignoring the potential problem will not lessen it or make it go away ! Find out for sure !

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