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C-NRPP-Certified Radon Gas Testing - Your Family's Health is Key

A true story from my family...  This is from the Author of "Indoor Air Health Advisor" in the US

My dear Mom remarried some years back. Her new husband had just lost his wife of many years to lung cancer who, by the way, never smoked or even worked outside of the home. Mom and Ralph lived happily for about 10 years. He developed heart problems and passed away.

After a year or so, Mom decided to sell the house that Ralph and his former wife had lived in for 30+ years...

The new buyer had a radon test done and the level came back at 14pCi/L* more than 3 times the EPA's action level of 4pCi/L.

Needless to say, Mom has a new worry added to her life, after spending 12+ years in that house. She did have a short-term charcoal test done before buying her new home and had the seller mitigate the house before she purchased it. The level was 12pCi/L*.

Mom is now well informed on the dangers of this cancer causing gas.

Sad to say this kind of experience is what it takes to get some people's attention.

- See more at: http://www.indoor-air-health-advisor.com/radon.html#sthash.nUjzFOSs.dpuf

                                          * 12-14 pCi/L  = 444 - 518 Bq/m3  (Canadian units) This represents 2-2.5 x the Health Canada Guideline. 
   Although these are US figures, Canadian data should show similar parallels. Radon-induced lung cancer causess more deaths than many other forms of cancer. It is so important to determine the level of exposure for your house and business. Radon-induced lung cancer accounts for 16% of all lung cancer deaths.  Lung cancer has a mortality rate of 80%.  You get it, there is a good chance there will be only one outcome.  Every day in Canada 70 people will be diagnosed with lung cancer; 55 of those persons will die from it! Really important to be preventative - get tested today !