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C-NRPP-Certified Radon Gas Testing - Your Family's Health is Key

Radon Dangers
A Worldwide Concern

Radon dangers are well established fact in the medical community, with deaths by radon estimated to be about 21,000 per year in the USA and about 3,800 in Canada. Notice how the health hazards of radon are visually put into perspective with some leading causes of death on the radon risk graph.

A story from a measurement-mitigation professional in Minnesota.

Recently a home owner in the Minneapolis area, requested a bid for radon mitigation services. His radon level in the exercise room was 23pCi/L, not an environment to be doing a lot of heavy breathing... (6x the EPA Guideline limit)

I like to take surveys as to why people decide to test for radon. He explained that his doctor on his annual check up, suggested some preventive medicine. The Doc asked if he'd tested his home for radon. Soon after that, the home owner found out that the gentleman who had lived in the house for more than 40 years had just died of lung cancer. He was a non-smoker. Needless to say he was in a hurry to get the mitigation job done!

If you are a smoker or even if you have quit, your risk of radon-induced lung cancer is nearly 900% greater.   [23 piC/L  =  850 Bq/m3 CND equivalent]